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Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, founded by a group of bankers, Forex and Internet experts, offers Forex traders direct access to the global currency markets. It provides Foreign Currency Trading Trade from $25 with CC Deposit, Tailor-Made Spreads, High Leverage.

Easy-Forex™ revolutionary Online FX trading platform is the first online FX trading system allowing clients to deal Forex as a consumer product.

Easy-Forex™ Online FX trading platform is one of the only platforms enabling users to start deals immediately. Unlike other Online FX trading platforms, Easy-Forex™ eliminates the need to download proprietary software, fill out tedious forms, open a bank account or deposit money in advance.

Easy-Forex™ is an international network with offices in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia: Forex Trading Platform, No Software Download, 5 Minutes , $25 Start. Credit Card and Paypal Deposit, Wire transfer.

A few reasons why you should open an account with Easy-Forex:
Personal account management
Live training, one-on-one help
Rates, Limits and Stop-Loss
No software download
Instant Deposit with Credit Card
Start trading in less than 5 minutes
Margin trading with US$25 and up
Freeze the Rate you see and trade Forex online
No hidden costs
Security and Safety
Live Real-Time streaming quotes

Start with a Forex (FX) Mini Account, Start Trading From Only $25, 5 Min Start, CC Deposit- Join Easy-Forex!


FOREXYARD is one of the premier players in the "Online Currency Trading platform" market. FOREXYARD has assembled a team of dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable professionals to manage its operation, committed to delivering the very best Online FX Trading experience to our customers.

We give you everything you need to be a successful trader for $0 commission. We realize that for traders, an interruption in connectivity can be downright frightening, and that's why we've gone to such lengths here at FOREXYARD to make sure you would get a system with proven reliability.

Forex Trading with Stop Loss

The FOREXYARD SuperMini account was designed for those who are new to the FX market. The SuperMini account trades in smaller contract sizes of 1,000 units, 1/10th the size of the standard account. The smaller trade size gives traders the opportunity to trade live with less overall risk or exposure to the market. In addition, the SuperMini account allows traders to become familiar with FOREXYARD, more specifically the quality and reliability of FOREXYARD dealing practices and the stability of the FX Trading Station.

 When you trade FX online via FOREXYARD, you can rest assured that you would get the following:

* Online Forex Trading
* Instant Deposit with Credit Card
* Start Trading in Minutes
* Fixed Spreads in All Markets, All the Time
* Continuous Quoting, with No Price Freezes
* Executable Quotes - Click on Any Bid or Offer
* No Slippage on Market, Limit, and Stop Orders
* Negative Balance Protection - No Debits
* Unparalleled 24/7 Customer Support
* Establish A Margin Trading Account with as Little as $100
* No Software Download Needed

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